“Houseboy” Photography by Brandon Leung

We encounter history through remnants, fragments, ghosts. History is not the stories of the past, but an ongoing narrative. Whoever has past through our world and has moved into the realm of ‘history’ is not gone. They leave their marks. Look into archives and their holdings. Archival objects are kept so their narratives are (ostensibly) remembered […]

“Monster” Multimedia by Krista Bailie

Monster Multimedia by Krista Bailie (click to enlarge images)   Krista Bailie Monster, 2014 Paper, monofilament, acrylic, masking tape “The pregnant body is not one vulnerable to external threat, but actively and visibly deformed from within. Women are out of control, uncontained, unpredictable, leaky: they are, in short, monstrous.” – Margrit Shildrick This work attempts