“I’m a Dirty Lamppost So Look Away, Please” Multimedia by Angelica Poversky

I’m a Dirty Lamppost
So Look Away, Please

Multimedia by Angelica Poversky

You looked at me like a firefly

Lighting up the night sky

Like my bright was a night light

In the pits of your psyche


You called me a flashlight

Ready to expose the rows of evils in the cosmos

You looked at me like a flickering match you said you’ll catch me if you can

Like I held only half of your hand and the other hand was a paw

You paused.

You saw yourself creature, beast- your fingers were lighting bolts trapped in a vase

You said you were imploding

You gave me a kiss

You were already loading for firework.


You looked at me like a flashlight

Like my tongue

Would speak Morse code to your ghost story flow


You looked at me like a candle in a cathedral

When we talked and you didn’t hear any bells

I realized you were never afraid of fire or hell

Simply being alone with yourself.


You saw me like spark,  like brilliance, like a lumineer singing ho-hey

And I was lightless, still


A cobweb lamp post standing on a dirt hill

And say what you will

But I don’t have enough for the both of us.


You looked at me the way

One will see the sun.

Ready to brighten your bones, and slip summer between your thighs.


I just can’t be the one.


If you stare too long at me,

it will hurt your eyes.