Visual Art by Lucas Glenn Co.

Library Card Series visual art by Lucas Glenn Co. dimensions: 5×7″ medium: paper on card The library card series is an ongoing collage project done on index and library cards. I form the compositions by taking content from a large and growing archive of print sources. The works represent the implementation of outside sources in

“Acheron River” painting by Lily Jones

“Acheron River” painting by Lily Jones acrylic, plaster, on canvas 48″ x 48″ Commentary In Greek mythology, the dead were ferried across the Acheron by the boatman, Charon, to the underworld. With “Acheron River”, I wanted to explore the relationship we have with these fantastical stories and how they are echoed in the present world

Visual Art by Michelle Nguyen

Visual Art by Michelle Nguyen This series is a work of mixed media that combines photographs printed on acetate and paper collage. By constructing temporary and imaginary monuments within existing spaces, their purposes are to allow one to grasp a better understanding of the correlation between space and place. (click to enlarge images)  

“SightSeen” and “TreePower” photos by Stephen Morgan

“SightSeen” Photo by Stephen Morgan f5.6, 13sec, 35mm Location: The Seine River, Paris Commentary Each sightseer’s flash captures one single moment from their bobbing/gliding vantage point to be coveted and exhibited for the envious rubes back home. “TreePower” Double Exposure:  Tree (f11, 1/2000, 50mm), Power-tower (f6.3, 1/500, 35mm) Location: Falmer, East Sussex, UK Commentary Fall

“Gates” photo by Cyrus Sie

Gates photo by Cyrus Sie Commentary Found in one of the less-frequented streets in Oxford, England on a summer visit, something inexplicable about the sign attracted me irresistibly to it. The whole time standing there it stared back at me, each passing cyclist effecting a blink of its eye.