About our 13.1 issue + contributors

To everyone who made our 13.1 winter issue of The Garden Statuary possible: we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we want to congratulate again all our contributors for their amazing work this term! With 28 prose, 39 academic essays, 48 poetry, and 4 multimedia submissions, it was a definite challenge selecting

About Our Team

Thank you again to everyone on the TGS team for making this issue happen! Here is our team from the 2023/2024 year: Co-Editors in Chiefs Amy Ng is a fourth-year studying English language and literature and minoring in Anthropology. When she isn’t obsessively reading fanfiction, you can find her listening to kpop, gaming or lamenting

About our 13.2 issue + contributors

      As the year rolls to an end, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have had such a great term for The Garden Statuary. Again and again we were delighted, awed and challenged by our peers’ submissions. Out of the 43 poetic, 20 prose, 12 multimedia and 52 academic pieces we received, it was no easy

Malcolm’s Things

Prose by Annabel Smith Art by Alex Hoang The blue dress was hanging on Lizanne’s wall across from her bed, the floaty one with the gathered waist that she’d worn to Mia’s wedding a decade or so prior. She would have to take it to the tailor and have it let out a touch if

Three Sisters of Glencoe

Photo by Hana Dekker This photo is of two of three mountains named “The Three Sisters of Glencoe,” taken during my time in Scotland, from August-December 2023. The three mountain peaks (one is not pictured here) are named Beinn Fhada, Gearr Aonach and Aonach Dubh. The photo was taken during a 12-and-a-half-hour day tour, during

Sostén esto por mí (Hold this for me)

Poetry by Nicolás Serrano de la Paz Art by Alex Hoang Sostén esto por mí Antes te ofrecí un dedo.O unos varios.Pero ahora te ofrezco mis ojos.Para que no salgan lágrimasy no pueda ver tu sonrisaescondida o tus ojos escapados. Y te ofrezco mis manos(incluyendo mis dedos)Para que no me puedaaferrar a ti. Para queno

love poem

Poem by Stella Xia Art by J. Sassi x. epilogue / asshole, she scoffsno no mom i’ll still write him a love poemit is not a matter of merit you seebut of memory, or what remains after skinbecomes tissue paperand kneesa bird’scroaking under sterile sheets at least i was recklessearnestloudjust what he loathedjust what i

The importance of music to Black identity and the vitality of ownership in determining music’s significance in David Chariandy’s Brother

Essay by Audrey Kruger Art by Adri Marcano When discussing White supremacy, many only consider the United States and wrongfully exempt Canada from the issue of systematic racial prejudice. In fact, a plethora of scholarship has been published addressing the embodied experiences of Black immigrants in Canada, including Robyn Maynard’s discussion on state-sanctioned violence and

Like All Storms Do

Prose by Annie Wang Art by Adri Marcano It was a warm night.  It’d rained twice today, once in the early morning and again in the last hour. It was still drizzling when they’d left the restaurant, and no one had brought an umbrella. Sol had seen everyone into their cars, propped her arms up