“Rookie” Poem by Joy Gyamfi


Poem by Joy Gyamfi


I’ve never been in love, yet you seem so familiar

I’m scared I’ve said too much, I’ve never opened up

I know it’s weird, cause we just met, but there’s something about you

I’d like to hold your hand and kiss your cheek beneath a summer moon


I wish I could sit still, let our feelings run their course

My mind is racing all the time, will I get to call you mine

I’m getting nervous, feeling anxious, is this for the best?

I’d like to look into your eyes, hold you closely to my chest


I’m sorry I’m so insecure

It’s just I’ve never come this far

I’m hoping that you’ll feel the same

I hope my feelings aren’t in vain

I want to trust that this won’t crumble

I’ve been lonely and so blue

I’d like to make a pillow fort and fall asleep right next to you