“Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction For Me” Poem by Tess LeBlanc

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction For Me

Poem by Tess LeBlanc

Zayn Malik tells Harry, “Look, she’s the only thing

that got me through the touring years, and now

I have to be with her.” Zayn Malik calls me a tempting

animal. Zayn Malik knows he had the best voice

and the most stage presence and resents it a little

that I still follow Louis on Twitter. Zayn Malik

writes “Pillowtalk” about me. Zayn Malik isn’t happy

when I confess I feel the whole album seems to be about

his idea of me, not what I’m actually like. Zayn Malik

reminds me that an engagement can be broken off

at any time. Zayn Malik refuses to speak to the press

regarding the end of his last relationship. Zayn

Malik refuses to comment on his new relationship

with an eighteen-year-old starlet. Zayn Malik

gets knuckle tats at thirty-six. Zayn Malik gets a bit

of a gut. Zayn Malik joins the other former members

of One Direction for an extravaganza of a Vegas reunion

engagement. I go on the third-to-last night and fuck

Liam Payne after the encore. It’s pretty tremendous.