About Our Team

Thank you again to everyone on the TGS team for making this issue happen! Here is our team from the 2023/2024 year:

Amy Ng is a fourth-year studying English language and literature and minoring in Anthropology. When she isn’t obsessively reading fanfiction, you can find her listening to kpop, gaming or lamenting about watering her way too big collection of plants. She is also known as “the emergency illustrator” for times of great drawing needs.

Kristy Kwok is a fourth-year majoring in Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies and minoring in English Literature, which has made her fluent in one living language and average in several dead ones. If she had a summoning ritual, it would involve listening to Taylor Swift while drinking boba and watching Star Wars dubbed in Latin.

Journal Coordinator

emily law is a fifth-year double-major in Psychology and English Language and Literatures, and (hopefully) minor in Asian Canadian and Asian Migration studies. An avid storyteller, emily spends her time thinking about the world and our place in it. When she’s not embarking on another existential crisis, you can find her journaling, making music, building models or taking a nap!

Submissions Coordinator

Christina Ma is a fourth-year History major with an English Language minor. When she isn’t struggling to catch up on her course readings, she’s usually either furiously talking about Star Wars, drinking tea lattes, thinking about writing, or some combination of the three.

Marketing Coordinator

Kalli McIver is a fifth-year in the Honours English Literature and Language program with a minor in Political Science. She doesn’t have any consistent hobbies but she has plants that she loves to watch grow and lately she has spent a lot of time immersed in audiobooks.


Anya Naval is a fifth-year majoring in English Literature due to her love of critiquing other people’s work and journeying down argumentative rabbit holes. In her free time, she rotates between obsessively reading manhwas, fanfiction, and petting fluffy cats. One of her greatest aspirations in life is to successfully climb a tree.

CJ McGillivray is a third-year English Honours student who is also an editor for The UBC Journal of Historical Studies. She previously worked as a tutor at the Langara College Writing Centre and before that she graduated from the theatre department at Capilano University. Her research interests include Shakespeare, science fiction and dystopian literature.

David Collings is a fourth-year English Language and Literature Honours student with a minor in Creative Writing. He’s an extremely occasional poet, a sleepy commuter, and on weekends can be found dragging himself up various North Shore mountains for no material benefit—which he’s told some people call “hiking.”

Gurleen K. Kulaar is a third year English Literature student with a minor in Creative Writing. When she’s not overthinking and freaking out over the state of the world, she’s probably binging tv shows like its her full-time job; or, because the sun is finally coming back, she’s planting new flowers and funky carrots in her garden.

Sansian Tan is a fourth-year in Honours English Literature, with a minor in Law and Society. Although almost always in desperate need of a nap, she spends most of her time thinking about racecars and taking walks (usually with an overpriced coffee in hand).


Adri Marcano is a first-year Music Major, specializing in violin Performance. She has a strong passion for the arts and this is what pushed her to become an illustrator for TGS. When she is not indulging in music, you can find her intently watching K-dramas or movies.

Alex Hoang is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Media Studies. In her free time, she loves to draw while watching some of her favourite TV shows and new movies. If she had a cabin by the lake, she would frolic in the forest all day or pick up some new hobbies.

Jules Sassi is a fourth-year Theatre Production and Design student with a passion for visual arts. When not running around from class to rehearsal, they are either asleep, playing a round of Hades or ranting about some new niche topic they’ve discovered. They’re hoping for a calm summer to be able to experiment with new art mediums!

Natalia Mohar is a third-year majoring in English Language and Literature. She loves to read and draw in her spare time.