“An Island Locked In Time” photos by Kenneth Chong

“An Island Locked In Time”

photo series by Kenneth Chong

.       Hong Kong used to represent the magic of the Orient mixed in with the aristocratic stamp of the British Empire. Nowadays, the city is known more for its frenzied pace and expansive skyline than its exotic history. However, fragments of the Orient’s past magic still survive in lesser known places. One such place is Cheung Chau, a sleepy little island that lies off the southwest of Hong Kong Island. Just a short ride away from what is one of the most populated areas in the world exists a place where there are no cars, let alone traffic jams. And even though much has changed on the mainland, Cheung Chau remains relatively untouched. Aside from the shiny new ATMs and an increase in daytrippers, much of this island remains locked in time. This lasting magic of the Orient’s past, cautiously preserved in Cheung Chau, is captured in these photos.


As the sun sets, a family makes their way home on a Kai-to, a traditional ferry that has remained unchanged for decades.


Hungry diners choose the fates of their dinner.


Aerials and power lines blend with the “traditional” skyline.


Mailboxes crowd a makeshift wall of branches.


A shopkeeper looks out at daytrippers, hoping for a sale.