About Our Contributors

Issue 2.1: About Our Contributors

Stephanie Airth is a third year English Honours student.

Allison Birt is a fourth year student at UBC pursuing a double major in Art History and English Literature. She divides her time between her studies and teaching Pilates and the Franklin Method at the Vancouver Pilates Centre. Allison is interested combining her three passions by exploring the use of imagery in art, literature and movement.

Katie Coopersmith is a second year Arts student from Vancouver. She is passionate about all things wordy, and is always eager to incorporate wacky, sad, or strange things she sees and hears around UBC into her work

Brianna Klassen is a second year student at UBC studying visual art, geography,and much more. Her paintings are inspired by nature, oddities, memories, sound and love.

Stephen Morgan will be graduating from the Honours English Program at the University of British Colombia.  He intends to pursue a career in journalism after his degree, in order to utilize both his love for photography and writing.  He is rarely ever without his camera and plans to use journalism as a base from which to move into documentary film production.  Last year Stephen studied in England and traveled across Europe

Michelle Nguyen was born and raised in Toronto and is in first year arts. She is currently on season three of Breaking Bad and would really appreciate it if you didn’t spoil anything for her if you were ever to meet her.

Michael Prior is a fourth year English student and he works part-time in a bookstore. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Qwerty, Prairie Journal, The Antigonish Review and Contemporary Verse 2. Michael spends most of his time wishing that Suzanne Buffam would email him.

Kate Radford (Linguistics, final semester) is an erstwhile poet, writing in fits and starts when the mood takes her. Outside her lexical life, she is a musician and avid alternative farming enthusiast, traveling to such places as Ireland to be immersed in permaculture, hippies, and sheep. After graduation she will continue this trend, attempting to forget half of her degree, before she has to go back and get another one.

Cyrus Sie is an International Relations and Human Geography student currently in his fourth year. Freshly back from Exchange and anticipating a number of Co-op terms, he’s resigned to the fact that he’ll probably never graduate from UBC. To distract himself from this sad revelation, he strives to brave the winter with as little clothing as possible.

Tara Simonetta is a 5th year English Literature major and member of the Arts Co-op Program. Her minor is Latin, and she delights in being able to read ancient works in their original form. Harvesting oysters is her favourite family activity, which is a commonly done around midnight (when the tide is low) in the days before Christmas.

Daniel Swenson is a fourth year student graduating this year from the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice. He is a writer, activist, feminist, and avid juicer.

Jessica Vugteveen is a third year English student with a penchant for good beer and bad tattoos. When she grows up she wants to be the next Lorna Crozier, and expects to graduate with honours from the School of Hard Knocks.

Michael Warne is a third-year psychology major, ex-romantic, and ascetic. He thinks the rest should be a mystery.

Emma Wilson is a 5th year student in the English Honours program. She most enjoys reading critical theory and harbours a growing interest in posthumanism. She greatly enjoys writing poetry, but until now has only published on tumblr, and so is excited to see her work published in The Garden Statuary.