Come and See

Poem by Luka Poljak

Art by Aiza Bragg

Come and See

Content Warning: Mentions of war, genocide, violent imagery, and animal cruelty

A boy and girl starving in a butchered village

Digging up anything so he can

Feed me. Feed me. 

The mutilated house they find with wooden hard hands

Their tongues molest an empty bowl

They can’t do it 

There’s no food Here

Come and see

Come and see the boy’s feet crawl out through the deep

Mire outside and Boiling swamp 

The girl with no hands will not let Go

But Feed me. Feed me. 

It’s here this way boy says

Digging with legs the mire swamp 

Boiling sipping skin off

Feed me. Feed me. 

Come and see come and see

She won’t show him the shrapneled limbs

The stomachs the fingers strewn on walls

Outside a horrific pale pile emptied on a doorstep

Afraid he will Eat them

And feed me. Feed me. 

Come and see come and see

It’s here it’s here boy says 

The boy’s eyes won’t stop digging 

It’s not here her throat cries 

The girl points and cries 

Fingers and cries

Fingers and stomachs torn on walls 

Outside her legs now digging too

They’re not here they’re dead didn’t you see?

There’s no food here she cries

Just Feed me. Feed me. 

The mud cuts brown across both necks

The boy is deaf and girl can’t Breathe

Didn’t you see didn’t you see? she bubbles

Sucking skin the swamp chocking up to both necks

Boiling in a mire broth of fingers drowned

In swamp

It’s sucking the mire is sucking it’s licking their feet are boiling

And Out he shoves the girl Out to her knees

Finally Out and pleads

It’s here you’ll see you’ll see 

Come and see come and see

How his eyes are digging everything down the path

He’s led her into the bog now

He’s Deaf he’s Screaming

Just feed me. Feed me.

And here the birds scream too and girl screams 

Down the bog and into the woods

As yellow flares rip the sky above

Come and see come and see

The dancing man up ahead near a wooden barn

Not a man

What do you call a man who’s burning?

But come and see come and see

How they greet the dancing man licking bones

Skin broiled to black agony

There’s no food here either says the man

But burning barn and bones

Didn’t you hear the horses?

The sounds last night of bullets splitting night

Plundering bodies

The horses the innocent horses

Dancing disfigured in the 

Feed me. Feed me. 

Yellow flares tear in the sky above 

They butchered the horses in their pens that night

The horses Apart The horses shot by 

A bullet doesn’t run through a body

It blows it Up

Didn’t I tell you? they’re not here they’re Not here. 

There’s no food here didn’t I tell you not to eat the horses?

Come and see come and see inside the barn

The burning man still dancing 

The girl still screaming at boy still digging up eyes

He won’t stop digging 

He’s found some bones to eat 

And Eyes inside

Come and see come and 

Feed me. Feed me.