“Queer Intimacies” by Joy Gyamfi

Queer Intimacies

Photography by Joy Gyamfi

My photo series Queer Intimacies explores the various ways in which queer people are close to one another. I’m interested in capturing friends, lovers, partners, and family. Queer kinship is an important concept to me because I’ve struggled to connect with my relatives in the past. My chosen family has helped me feel less isolated in this world. As my activism is based on anti-oppressive and intersectional feminist frameworks, it is crucial that my photos show-cased those that are marginalized within the margins. I have photographed disabled queers, queer sex workers, and transgender and gender non-conforming queers as well.

A key feature of this project is that all my subjects are faceless. Coming out is a continual and ongoing process; it is a conscious decision we make with every person we meet. In addition to giving my subjects some form of anonymity I wanted to visually represent this process.