Light Gremlin

Photography by Ailsa McFadyen-Mungall

This series, which has garnered the name Light Gremlin, attempts to recreate the contradictory and confusing feelings of depression, while simultaneously suggesting that beauty can be found anywhere, even in dark moments. Light Gremlin is a turn to gratitude for conscious experience, regardless of what that may entail. The figures are muddled, drawn-out, confused: they both blend into the shadowy background, and are yet distinct from it. Time seems to fall away, with light smeared across the photo through use of a slow shutter speed, yet the figures are nonetheless stuck in distorted positions within the confines of the frame. The figures are anguished, yet seem to rest in some divine light despite their turmoil. Light Gremlin invites the viewer to relish the confusion, the ignorance, and the immense sorrow that is essential to the human experience. It asks them to sit in their uncomfortable thoughts, and to search for beauty in even the most troubling of places. It asks them to be a gremlin, in the light.

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