About Our Contributors

About Our Contributors

Issue 6.1  Fall 2016

Halle Gulbrandsen is a fifth year Creative Writing major, who enjoys hiking, country music and horses. She is currently obtaining her pilot license.

Julia Tikhonova is in her fourth year of her BA, pursuing a double major in English literature and Sociology. She is passionate about the connections between stories and social change, and hopes to continue pursuing with these interests in grad school next fall.

Afeed Areifiz is an international student currently enrolled in 3rd year English Honours, and expects to graduate in 2018.

Amy Gill is working towards a Double Honours in English and Political Science. Her current research focuses on Indian film adaptations of Shakespeare. After spending years writing nothing but essays, Amy decided to starting writing creatively again and hopes it will help with her recurring existential crises.

Jennifer Irvine is a third generation Vancouverite and a third year creative writing student. Her dream is to be the next David Sedaris and even though she’s not an American gay man living in France, they do share the same birthday and this gives her hope. Check out Jennifer’s web site at www.jenniferirvine.ca.

Rachel Glassman is a fourth-year double major in Psychology and Literature. She has lived in Hong Kong and California but feels most at home here in Vancouver, where she spends as much of her time by the water as possible. She is overcoming her fear of creative writing one poem at a time!