About Our Contributors

About Our Contributors

Xiao You Mok : I’m a third year exchange student from the University of Tokyo, but I’m actually born and raised in Singapore. I do East Asian Studies back in Tokyo, and am mainly interested in comparative cultural studies. Nature’s beautiful, but I love being in big cities (and ideally always in sunny weather).

Sunny Chen is a fourth year psychology major and English literature minor, celebrating 21 years of insomnia and narcissism. School has taught her that she doesn’t really know anything, not even herself.

Steph Airth is a fifth-year student graduating with an Honours degree in English. She grew up in Maple Ridge, BC.

william munro is an english student. he lives in a pile of garbage and used to be good at sports. his favorite book is The Wars.

Charmaine Anne Li, 3rd year, is on co-op but can’t wait to get back to her English Honours and Creative Writing double major. When hyper, she snowboards and uses words like “stoked” in exclamatory fashion. When lazy, she listens to her vinyl collection, reads, writes, and basically pretends to be intellectual (but at the end of the day she still prefers words like “stoked”)

Aleezay Hashmi is a third year BFA student, majoring in visual art and minoring in art history. She loves drawing, painting, reading and travelling. Moving from country to country since childhood has inspired her to explore the concept of cultural hybridity in her work.

Shail Bhath is a fifth-year Biology and Creative Writing student. He loves reading, and dreams of being a reclusive writer in a sleepy beach town.

Quincy Arthur: Born in Milan, raised in London, deconstructed in Vancouver. I’m a fourth year student graduating in May with a double-major in English Literature and Philosophy

Hannah Siden is a fourth year student studying International Development at McGill. She wrote Equipo Cuba while on an exchange semester at UBC. She would like to thank Professor Alejandra Bronfman for her thoughtful support.

Katie Selbee is a fourth-year English Honours student who is currently exploring the intersection between literature, land, and social justice. She graduated from the UBC Farm’s Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture in 2013 and moonlights as an urban farmer.