About Our Contributors

Issue 1.2: About Our Contributors

Stephanie Airth is a second year student planning on applying to the English honours program in April. She enjoys hiking and collects Edgar Allan Poe books and memorabilia.

Genevieve Barrons is a fifth year student double majoring in International Relations and English Honours. She wrote her honours thesis on the intersection of ethics and aesthetics as mechanisms for bearing witness to the Holocaust in W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz. She is hoping to pursue graduate studies in the field of conflict resolution and development studies.

Genya Cheung moved to Vancouver 2 years ago to attend school at UBC. She is a third year English Major.

Kenneth Chong is an amateur photographer and abides by, the laws of grammar. He is a third-year student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, majoring in English Literature and minoring in Economics. He hopes that one day he will be the topic of an artsy Leica commercial.

Katie Coopersmith is a first year Arts student from Vancouver. She absolutely loves creative writing, and is always eager to incorporate wacky, sad, or strange things she sees and hears around UBC into her work.

Born in Ontario, raised in Connecticut, Luke Fraser is a strange product of 100% pure Canadian maple syrup and fourth of July fireworks. He is currently pursuing a BA in English Honors at UBC.

Madeline Gorman is a third-year double major in English and Psychology. She is also a cyclist, a native of Hong Kong, and most recently, an avid drinker of all teas not Yogi.

Dalaina Heiberg is a fourth year political science student, minoring in philosophy. She is very interested in normative theory, art, fiction and gardening.

Javier Ibáñez is a second-year English Honours student. He has spent most of his life in Chile. One of these two statements is also true about his cat.

Since moving from California to Vancouver in 2009, Andrew Pollins has become an active member of the filmmaking community.  In 2011 he entered the UBC film production program.  When he’s not making movies, he’s out skateboarding.

Chelsea Pratt is a fourth year student in the English Honours program.  She is graduating this year and will be pursuing her MA in English Literature at McGill University come September.  And she’s really going to miss UBC’s squirrels.

Michael Prior is a fourth year English student and he works in a bookstore where he spends a lot of time reading the merchandise. He is especially interested in the poets who emerged out of the formation of TISH at UBC in the 1960s.

Kyle Robertson is a fourth-year student graduating in May with an honours bachelor degree in English. He is currently finishing his graduating essay on narrating intersubjectivity and self-construal in the novels of Virginia Woolf. He has been told that he’s “not funny… really.”

Cyrus Sie is an International Relations and Human Geography student completing his third year on exchange in Dublin, Ireland. Born and raised in Richmond, he has since made a pact with his future self to experience the world as much as he can, principally through food, travel, and art. When not engaging in either, he enjoys the simple pleasures of time spent in good company, as well as the good company of a good drink.

Farisia Thang is a first year in the faculty of arts program. She is considering majoring in English and then going into an Education program later on.

Michael Warne is a second-year Psychology major. Tired of heartache and
neuroses, he does not know whether to write, or seek professional help. He shares his work at http://heartsandtruths.wordpress.com/ and says he no longer believes in love.

Alex Winstanley will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Arts in religion and literature at UBC. The son of a Mexican mother and English father, Alexander’s poetry reflects the dual nature of his origins and enjoys the freedom to explore different philosophies. His new book of poetry, “The Bones in Our Wings”, immerses the imagination in ideas of reincarnation. Alex loves symbols when they root themselves in images. He is interested in pursuing a life of public speaking and writing.