“A/S/L?” By Esther Chen


Poem by Esther Chen

Art by Maya Parker

late nite haibun


tonight i posted in the subreddit community r/ama and called it ‘im stoned and i have a broken heart AMA’. it got one response and two upvotes. the response said ‘want company ?’’ i deleted the thread and started again. the new thread said ‘i am a human being, 21, drinking water currently’ even though so is everyone. that is the joke. haha. it only got four upvotes but a lot of people commented so that is good. u/Memey-McMemeFace asked ‘bottled or tap’ and i did not reply because obviously tap. another comment said ‘do you have skin?’ and i said ‘not yet’. since no one was asking about any of the good stuff i went to another thread and asked myself. u/Lunaaa posted about poltergeists and demons which is tremendous and also witchy so i thought maybe she would be good to ask. i wrote ‘have you ever been in love?’ and she said ‘yes, twice’. i said ‘was the second source from the same source as the first love? did it feel like a different species of animal or did it feel like the same bulb with a different lamp?’. she did not reply which sucks because that is what i really wanted to know.


It’s early morning.

I wake up and he’s not you,

and never will be.