“Begat” by Brenna Goodwin-McCabe



Poem by Brenna Goodwin-McCabe


Boiler maker

blood popper

beat scraper

button pusher

Badland butchers sourcing downcast trudgers —

publicize powerhouses


Mounting aesthetic exclamation,

these exploding shingles express excessively

Harvest the blank spaces

of depressed represses

Uncertain realities grant unwarranted reform —

sourced from chrome city shadows

Televising the plight of fraternity, a human interest study,

these threatening modes resemble tabloid rationality.

Valued, tired, refurbished — “Let us now praise famous men” as silhouetted.


Witness the bang bang generation detect interventions of literacy

sphering political benevolence into fruition

Hacking access from excess

These sharp hysterics bludger us