About the Contributors

About Our Contributors

Cameron Bullen is a Biology student in his fourth year at UBC. His recent decision to add a minor in English Literature represents his desire to combine his passion for nature and his love of books. When not struggling to learn a new academic formatting style, he can probably be found somewhere outside.

Emma Coffin recently graduated with a B.A. English Honours and a Minor in History. Her research interests include 20th century American literature. She will be returning to UBC in September 2017 to attend Allard School of Law.

Sara Dueck is a fourth­-year student in the Honours English program. She is graduating this May, and will be entering graduate studies in the fall in order to avoid getting a real job.

Ania Jedrzejczyk is in her third year at UBC, double­-majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing. Born and raised in Poland, Ania spent most of her life in the saddle, riding and competing in Dressage. She exists somewhere between Alaskan wilderness and the sun-dappled birches of Nabokov’s prose.

Charmaine Anne Li is fuelled by caffeine to overthink, overanalyze, and somehow turn neuroses into fiction as stereotype-­embracing writers are wont to do. She majors in Creative Writing, English, and TV­-binging.

Sophia Murray is a third year BFA student at UBC. She has explored many different artistic media and her current work ranges from painting and printmaking to digital media and video installation. Her artworks are often very personal, allowing her to visually embody her internal state.

Keagan Perlette is a fourth year student pursuing a double major in English Literature and Creative Writing (because the Hogwarts letter never came). You can tell she’s a Gemini because she loves reading poetry and listening to Taylor Swift in equal measure.

Kate Reilly is a fourth year literature student currently enrolled at UBC. When she’s not reading and analyzing literature, she’s exploring society’s relationship with all forms of pop culture.

Chloe Rose Stuart­-Ulin is a recent graduate of the UBC Creative Writing BFA program. A screenwriter by trade, her short films have premiered at the Whistler, Latin American and Vancouver International Film Festivals. Her comedic work has appeared on stage at the Brave New Play Rites Theatre Festival and in Syrup Trap Magazine.

Taylor Tomko is a fourth year English Literature student at UBC, whose interests include books, baking, and guerrilla comedy. After a brief stint at the University of Edinburgh, Taylor has returned to her hometown of Vancouver and intends to keep attending UBC until they kick her out.