About the Contributors

About Our Contributors

Afeed Areifiz is a second year English major who moved to Vancouver close to

two years ago, from Bangladesh, to attend UBC.

Deanna Chan is in her final semester at UBC, working towards a double major in

French and Honours English Literature. She loves writer’s block, condescending

comments about her degree, and saying the exact opposite of what she means.

Yay Hamlet!

Bára Hladíková is Czech-Canadian, writes sci-fi and technical documents, and

studies literature.

Christina Hu is a third year creative writing major, economics minor. She’s a fan

of soft cheeses and second-person POV.

Michael Pendreigh is a third year student majoring in English. He is mostly

interested in his dogs, online games, and girlfriend (in no particular order). A

small smattering of literature allows him to write the occasional poem.

Katie Selbee is currently completing her last semester of an English Honours

degree. Her focus has been on the intersection between literature, Indigenous

land rights and social justice, and she is looking forward to putting theory into

praxis in her experiences post-university.

Julia Tikhonova is a third year English honours and Sociology student. Some of

her research interests include globalization, intersectional feminism, modern and

contemporary poetry, and more broadly, the connections between literature and

social justice.