About Issue 1.1

About Issue 1.1

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the first official issue of The Garden Statuary, UBC’s new English Undergraduate Journal.

The Garden Statuary started as the dream-project of my English 210 honours class in the spring of 2010. After our final exam, we sat around the flag pole, chatted about how much we admired Dr. Sirluck and thought about plans for a future journal – one that the English department has sorely lacked since the quiet extinction of the former English undergrad magazine Uprooted.

This term, we have finally brought these aspirations into materialization. Our call for submissions campaign for Term 1 was greeted by 151 works of poetry, fiction, essays, photos, illustrations, music and film. Our hunch was very much confirmed: UBC needs a journal like this.

We are grateful for all the hands that went into creating this journal – classmates, friends, professors, department admin and staff. From its origin in English 210 to its current state, it has been amazing to see so many different voices come together to make this possible.

I think we have a lot to look forward to. Here’s to a great first issue of TGS.

Laura Ritland
Editor in Chief


Photo Credits for Issue 1.1

“Love, Ophelia” icon photo by Stephanie Fung
“Grief Pond” icon photo by Chelsea Zacher
“Reflections of Venize” icon photo by Beth d’Aoust

All icon illustrations by Sara Shayan