About Our Contributors

About Our Contributors

Steph Airth is a fourth-year English Honours student. She grew up in rainy and mountainous Maple Ridge, BC.
Kai Ying Chieh is a fourth-year student graduating with her Honours in English and a Minor in Linguistics. She likes critical theory, linguistic trivia, novelty print fabric, and red bean milk tea with pearls.

Jason Fernando is a third-year History Honours student with a tortured soul and a facetious approach to short-bio writing. Major interests include space exploration and the communication of science by artistic and interdisciplinary means.

Rachel Kim is a fourth-year English Literature major. She is a born-and-raised Canadian with a love for interesting but useless trivia. Though she loves to read and write in a variety of genres, she often revisits and explores the ideas of identity, distance, and duty in her work.

Billy Kwan is a fourth-year student majoring in English Literature.  He aspires to be a writer, and is currently composing a collection of poetry.  He was born in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver permanently in 2004.

Rob Patterson is a fourth-year English Honours student who is also minoring in philosophy. He has successfully lived his dream of writing about videogames for every term paper in the last year of his undergrad, and now is looking for a new one.

Katie Selbee is a third-year English Honours student who is currently exploring the intersection between literature, land, and social justice. She graduated from the UBC Farm’s Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture in 2013 and moonlights as an urban farmer.

Sierra Terhoch is a second-year student at UBC. She is studying sociology as well as issues regarding gender, race, sexuality and social justice. She loves to run, do yoga and spend time on Hornby Island.

Calder Tomlinson is a fourth-year International Relations major. With graduation looming heavily on his mind, he remains conflicted whether to pursue graduate studies in human geography, or to apprentice under a traditional ceramicist somewhere in the Japanese alps.

Hannah van Dijk is a second-year English Honours student. She uses creative writing to procrastinate on “real work” and drinks too much tea.

Haley Whishaw is in her fourth and final year of UBC’s Creative Writing program. She is currently working on a novel about two boys navigating the end of the world and a graphic novel.

Mormei Zanke is a first-year student studying English and Biology. As a lover of anything outdoors, she believes nature to be her greatest motivator and likes to think science and art are not all that different. One day she hopes to live in a tiny alpine hut with a dog named Moose.