“Archetype-fetting childhood” poem by Harry Chiu

TGS poetry 17

Archetype-fetting childhood

poem by Harry Chiu

The songful-done wording was written at tower

I flashpanned along the bluecooling brook.

Sunflighting words wrung wistfully wide

And all heady lightphrase hazeldown took.


Spundance flew beyond bournebearing hamlet

Birdsong like writwalk cantering home.

I never flingfocused at washingdin shoreline

Nor floatdraft away fromto springberry loam.


Likedream it seems in persistence to autumn

Upyarded throughby our lineless abode.

Edgeminding outfrost through centrebeam pieseams

I felt nottingsound within glassglowing mold.


But puddenfast pencils our glarings agebrokered

Brushing past hamlets and berries and home.

Weebee whatever I-collimee makes us

With balltrains and bugboats of seasonings in tow.


Outfrost we nowsing no flywhere delay

Headly to finline in freager to please.

Clarity duskwalking flingfocused eyeroads

Findfiguring formulas our curds and our cheese.


Now decidedlytrary your inching might find us

Spundance can be as funring as fun.

We know everafters as endings as toyou

Our story startsanew with ovens and buns.