About Our Contributors

About Our Contributors


Sam Becker is a fourth-year English Honours student who will probably be graduating soon. He has probably talked to you about William Blake and then tried to make a joke.

Sarah Ens moved from small-town Manitoba to Vancouver in 2010 and is currently in her first year of the UBC Creative Writing program. Her work has appeared in Fugue magazine and The Writers’ Collective of Manitoba. She likes singing folk music with her roommate, eating chocolate chips for breakfast, and hanging out with cats whenever she can.

Christopher Evans is a third year Creative Writing student at UBC and was genuinely shocked to discover that he enjoys poetry.

Ainslie Fowler is an English major and a Philosophy minor who hopes she can make a living reading books. If that plan fails, she will go into a master of journalism in broadcasting after she graduates from UBC this April. Before said plan, she intends to go to Europe to “find herself,” which is code for drink wine and eat amazing food. She is very thrilled to be published in The Garden Statuary so close to graduating!

Lucas Glenn Co. is an art company functioning within the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. UBC Okanagan currently provides Lucas with all of the 3rd year resources his heart desires. The company and its paperwork can be found at http://lucasglenn.co

Gnomadics  Based in Vancouver, BC and started in August 2011, Gnomadics are a rock and roll band with a democratic song-writing approach. Currently its members are playing shows around Vancouver and recording demos. Members: Ben Collins (Vocals, Guitar), Liam Kendall (Vocals, Bass), Max Wainwright (Guitar) and Devon Parkin (Drums).

Karen Hugdahl Meyer enjoys a bustling, home-spun life on a family acreage. In between four kids, her husband, and part-time studies to fuel the intellect, she likes to run, bike, ski and do yoga. She looks forward to her daily 5 a.m. writing date with her coffee and laptop.

Tristan Ignas-Menzies is a fourth year student of Art History. He is interested in the use of photography as a highly mutable and democratic medium of representation.

Lily Jones is graduating this May with a major in Visual Arts and a minor in English literature. She derives inspiration from her parents’ history, the rain, and mythological narratives, and is currently obsessing over the history of her hometown, San Antonio, Texas, and its relation to the myth of Icarus.

Tristen Kiri Brudy is a third year student planning on applying to the English honors program in April. She has a maternal connection to books and has given birth to several novels via caesarean section.

Gabrielle Lieberman is a third year UBC student majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Asian Studies. She hopes to use this combination of courses to better illuminate her own, as well as others’, biracial culture in her work. Hobbies include photography, drawing, and making music, because one can never have too much art in their lives.

Maia Nichols: Cross-legged gnawing on ripe mango, leafing through cognitive neuroscience jargon, half-sunk in a jar of psychopathology, while waist up waffles between time splitting–Deleuze, making art, BFA. And then to toss in foliage and fold.  Back to surgically operating on fruit, making incisions.

Michael Prior is a fifth year English student at UBC. His poems have previously appeared or are forthcoming in The Antigonish Review, Branch Magazine, Contemporary Verse 2, The Dirty Napkin and Qwerty. He works part-time in a bookstore and will be pursuing graduate studies in the fall.